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Xerath – II

I was pretty enthusiastic about Xerath’s debut album, simply entitled I. That record was a fresh blend of Meshuggah styled dissonant guitar riffs, odd time changes and a thick layer of symphonic elements. There was some room for improvement though. Not all the tunes were that memorable and their trademark sound was a bit too much at times. Xerath have returned to the fold with a new album, entitled II. Let’s see whether they have improved upon themselves. Continue reading


Xerath – I

Meshuggah meets Lord Of The Rings, a groovy Strapping Young Lad or Dimmu Borgir on an industrial trip. Just some words to describe the lovely noise from Basingstoke’s finest, Xerath. They describe their music as “filmscore metal” or “chug-score”. Both are right on the money, but I prefer the latter because it has something poetical to it. Anyway, enough banter from my part, let’s move on to what their debut album, I, has to offer. Continue reading

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