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Serj Tankian – Imperfect Harmonies

With his main band on hiatus, Serj Tankian is busy with a whole range of different projects, including his own solo records. His first effort, entitled Elect The Dead, was a very solid affair and musically much in line with System Of A Down. His latest record may turn a couple of heads due to its unconventional approach. Enter Imperfect Harmonies. Continue reading


Deftones – Diamond Eyes

A decade ago the Deftones were one of the leading bands in the emerging nu metal movement. Albums like Around The Fur and White Pony are considered genre classics. The last couple of years things have been difficult for the band. The self-titled album and Saturday Night Wrist received mixed reviews and their popularity declined. On top of that bassist Chi Cheng got involved in a serious accident and he remains comatose until this very day. Continue reading

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