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Triptykon – Shatter

Earlier this year I was totally blown away by Triptykon’s Eparistera Daimones. Its sheer darkness and misanthropic violence really resonated deep within my very being. Tom G Fischer and his band are currently on tour in support of their latest album and to keep the momentum going they decided to release an EP, entitled Shatter. Continue reading


Triptykon – Eparistera Daimones

When you’re feeling down and out and there seems to be no way out, you can always count on one person to convince you that his views on life are starker, bleaker and more depressive than anyone else’s on this planet. No, I’m not talking about your next door neighbour emo kiddo. No, I’m referring to Tom G. Fischer, former mastermind of Celtic Frost. After the sad demise of his former band he’s back with a new band called Triptykon. Continue reading

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