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Interview With TesseracT

There’s a new subgenre within metal on the rise, simply called “djent”. It’s a term used for bands who are inspired by Meshuggah and combine this all kinds of progressive wizardry. One of the rising starts within the djent movement are UK-based TesseracT. They made quite a splash with One, their thoroughly solid debut album. On behalf of the band singer Dan Tompkins (D) and bass player Amos Williams (A) were more than willing to answer my questions about their new album, songwriting and their adventures with Periphery and Monuments and a very memorable gig in India.. Continue reading


TesseracT – One

Some months ago I did a review on the Concealing Fate EP by the UK progressive metal band TesseracT. At the time I was quite enthusiastic about it, so after hearing the news that they had a full blown album in the works I couldn’t wait to do a review on it. Here it is, finally. Their new album is simply called One, so let’s dive into the musical exploits of these British progsters. Continue reading

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