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Satyricon – The Age Of Nero

The Age Of Nero is the most recent full length by Satyricon. It’s the third installment of a triptych, formed by Volcano and Now, Diabolical. Those albums are very much from the same mindset, but are quite different from each other as well. A thing I’ve come to expect from Satyr and Frost. Let’s take a closer look at what The Age Of Nero has to offer. Continue reading


Satyricon – Now, Diabolical

Now, Diabolical, Volcano and The Age Of Nero by Satyricon form a triptych in a very weird way. All three albums are stylistically quite different from each other, but they share the same sinister feel and the band’s signature urge not to repeat themselves. Subject of this review is Now, Diabolical which represents another step forward in their ongoing evolution. Continue reading

Satyricon – Volcano

The musical backbone of Satyricon is formed by the impressive drumming skills of Frost and the considerable compositional talent of main man Satyr. Never satisfied with releasing an album in the same mould twice, they led the band through an interesting evolution from their primitive beginnings up to The Age Of Nero (2008). Volcano (2002) is the album on display here and it marks the beginning of a trilogy of albums, which have a more stripped down approach, compared to the older material. Continue reading

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