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Interview with Antimatter

Social media are hot nowadays. With Twitter and Facebook you can build a following consisting of people from every corner of the globe. Some time ago I was contacted by Helen Liverakou from Greece whether I was interested in publishing her interview with Mick Moss from Antimatter. After seeing the quality of her article I was thrilled to put it on Home Nucleonics. They talked about a whole range of different topics, including Alternative Matter, Mick’s influences, future projects and collaborations and what keeps him going as a musician.. Continue reading


Dornenreich – Flammentriebe

Dornenreich are an Austrian black metal outfit who aren’t afraid to expend their sound in uncharted waters. Through the years they’ve meddled with ambient, folk and they even released an entirely acoustic folk based album under the guise of In Luft Geritzt. This year marks the return of this eclectic band with a brand new album, entitled Flammentriebe. Continue reading

Lifelover – Sjukdom

Lifelover are quite a remarkable band with an unorthodox take on black metal. This was convincingly demonstrated on Konkurs (2008). Now these Swedes are back with a new album, entitled Sjukdom. This can be loosely translated as disease or illness in Swedish. Let’s see what this album is all about. Continue reading

Les Discrets – Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées

There’s a breed of people who can do virtually anything when they put their mind to it. French native Fursy Teyssier is one of those Renaissance people, for he’s quite an accomplished painter, musician and director of short films. Les Discrets is his musical outlet and Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées is a direct result of that. Let’s take a dive into the mystical world of this versatile man. Continue reading

Alcest – Écailles De Lune

In essence Alcest is a French solo project with a man called Neige being the main composer. He’s also known for his involvement in Lantlôs, Les Discrets and Amesoeurs. Écailles De Lune is Alcest’s second offering and it’s another adventurous journey into the thoughts and dreams of its main composer Neige. Continue reading

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