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Mar De Grises – Draining The Waterheart

Another recent discovery of mine is a band called Mar De Grises. They’re from Chili and they’re firmly within the doom/death arena, although their music has a very distinctive progressive edge. The band have several releases under their belt, Their most recent album, entitled Draining The Waterheart is the main subject of this review. Continue reading


Novembers Doom – Into Night’s Requiem Infernal

It’s still a big mystery to me why Chicago based Novembers Doom never managed to break through to a bigger crowd like Opeth did. Albums like The Pale Haunt Departure, The Novella Reservoir and To Welcome The Fade are every bit as good as any given Opeth record. Last year Novembers Doom released their latest offering, entitled Into Night’s Requiem Infernal. Let’s have a closer look. Continue reading

Matt Stevens – Ghost

Ghosts and other spooky phenomena are the cornerstone of many an English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish folk tales. It also happens to be the name of the latest record by the English guitarist and composer Matt Stevens. Let’s have a closer look at this haunting musical delight. Continue reading

Muse – The Resistance

My relationship with Muse is somewhat ambivalent. Records like Origin Of Symmetry and Absolution are stunningly brilliant, but I’m not always in the mood for putting up with the hysteric vocals by Matt Bellamy. Black Holes And Revelations I find quite uninspired, especially compared to its two predecessors. Their latest record, The Resistance, is an album with many faces, so let’s go. Continue reading

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