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Between The Buried And Me – The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues

So what do you do after you have pushed every conceivable musical envelope with your two previous records? In a nutshell that’s what Between The Buried And Me has done on Colors (2006) and The Great Misdirect (2009). The band’s latest effort, entitled The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues sees a slight change of direction… Continue reading


Between The Buried And Me – The Great Misdirect

On Colors, the Between The Buried And Me lads really managed to come into their own. It’s still an artistic masterpiece and a tough act to follow, to say the least. In 2009 Tommy Giles Rogers and Co returned to the fold with The Great Misdirect, their sixth full-length album. One of the songs the band described as “a noisy Coalesce breakdown, 3/4 Mastodon groove, 9/8 The Mars Volta, Queen chromatic build-up and a Megadeth styled chorus”. It’s basically rocket science to me, until you listen to The Great Misdirect.. Continue reading

Between The Buried And Me – Colors

Between The Buried And Me is a progressive metalcore outfit from Raleigh, North Carolina. Colors (2006) is the band’s third album and the first where they really show what they’re musically capable of. The band described this record as “adult contemporary progressive death metal”. However quirky that may sound, it’s an accurate description of what you can expect on the musical extravaganza that is Colors.. Continue reading

Interview With The Human Abstract

When it comes to cutting edge progressive metal(core) the guys from The Human Abstract are at the forefront of it. Their Digital Veil album is a true technical tour-de-force. Returning guitarist A.J Minette was kind enough to answer some questions about the creative and recording sessions for Digital Veil, his classical influences and his appreciation for Matt Bellamy and his chummies in Muse.. Continue reading

The Human Abstract – Digital Veil

Digital Veil is the third and most recent album by US-based tech/progressive metal/core band The Human Abstract. Their previous effort blew me away because of its highly original take on the progressive side of metal and hardcore. With that in mind I couldn’t wait to put their latest album in my CD-player. Needless to say I was again very surprised by the technical and progressive frolics of these Americans… Continue reading

The Human Abstract – Midheaven

Progressive metal core, djent or simply progressive metal new style is pretty hot nowadays. Bands like Periphery, Between The Buried And Me and Protest The Hero are making quite a name for themselves nowadays. The Human Abstract is another rising star in this genre. Midheaven is their second full length album and it’s the centre piece of this review. Continue reading

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