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Mar De Grises – Stream Inwards

I have to admit that I’m not very familiar with the metal scene from Chile, but I’ve always admired Mar De Grises for their knowledge to add majestic grandeur and tasteful progressive elements to their music. Their The Tatterdemalion Express and Draining The Waterheart are some of my dearest albums when it comes to doom metal. Earlier this year they released their third record, entitled Stream Inwards. Let’s see whether it can hold its own to its illustrious predecessors. Continue reading


Mar De Grises – Draining The Waterheart

Another recent discovery of mine is a band called Mar De Grises. They’re from Chili and they’re firmly within the doom/death arena, although their music has a very distinctive progressive edge. The band have several releases under their belt, Their most recent album, entitled Draining The Waterheart is the main subject of this review. Continue reading

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