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Interview With Katatonia

When it comes down to dark and atmospheric heavy music few do it better than Sweden-based Katatonia. In the old days they started out as a traditional doom/death ensemble, but as time went by the band branched out to unfamiliar pastures. This resulted into genuine gems as Last Fair Deal Gone Down (2001), Viva Emptiness (2003) and The Great Cold Distance (2006). Katatonia’s latest album, Night Is The New Day (2010), is another worthy addition to the band’s ongoing back catalogue. That’s enough reason to have a friendly chat with vocalist Jonas Renkse about the past and future of Katatonia, some reflection on Night Is The New Day, some side projects and the band’s dedication to their fand and art… Continue reading


Katatonia – Night Is The New Day

There aren’t many bands around who can turn loneliness, misery and utter despair into soothing and genuinely moving music. Anathema and Paradise Lost are masters when it comes to melancholy. Katatonia from Sweden is another prime candidate, as albums like Tonight’s Decision (1999), Last Fair Deal Gone Down (2001), Viva Emptiness (2003) and The Great Cold Distance (2006) will attest to. The creative process for their most recent album, Night Is The New Day wasn’t the easiest one in the history of the band, but it culminated in one of the best albums by the band to date. Continue reading

October Tide – A Thin Shell

If it feels like an absolute age since we last had a release from doom metal pioneers October Tide then that’s because it is. Eleven years is not just a long time in the music business, its several generations. In the rapidly changing world of heavy metal, it can feel like an aeon. It’s therefore both a huge pleasure and welcome relief to see a new release from the creative minds of Frederick Normann (ex-Katatonia) and co. Continue reading

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