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Anaal Nathrakh – Passion

If heavy metal is left field music then surely Anaal Nathrakh are on the very left wing of the left field. For the last ten years or so they have consistently challenged perceptions, not to mention ear drums, of what is aurally possible. Their sense of the extreme, their relentless pursuit of punishing sounds, often done with a self regarding glint in their nihilisitic eye has been an exemplary lesson in uncomprising brutality. Continue reading


Xerath – II

I was pretty enthusiastic about Xerath’s debut album, simply entitled I. That record was a fresh blend of Meshuggah styled dissonant guitar riffs, odd time changes and a thick layer of symphonic elements. There was some room for improvement though. Not all the tunes were that memorable and their trademark sound was a bit too much at times. Xerath have returned to the fold with a new album, entitled II. Let’s see whether they have improved upon themselves. Continue reading

City Of Fire – City Of Fire

The words “side project” have particular resonance in the world of heavy music, and not necessarily always a positive one. For every creative maverick that releases a quiet gem of a record, there are the invariable buckets of knocked off, self-indulgent ego trips that add nothing to an artist’s reputation- rather, the complete opposite. Continue reading

Xerath – I

Meshuggah meets Lord Of The Rings, a groovy Strapping Young Lad or Dimmu Borgir on an industrial trip. Just some words to describe the lovely noise from Basingstoke’s finest, Xerath. They describe their music as “filmscore metal” or “chug-score”. Both are right on the money, but I prefer the latter because it has something poetical to it. Anyway, enough banter from my part, let’s move on to what their debut album, I, has to offer. Continue reading

Red Harvest – A Greater Darkness

Red Harvest are one of the best kept secrets from the Norwegian extreme metal underground. Their brand of industrial metal puts Fear Factory, Ministry and Nine Inch Nails to shame when it comes to intensity, dark atmospheres and even bleaker soundscapes. Albums like Cold Dark Matter, Sick Transit Gloria Mundi and Internal Punishment Programs still take my breath away to this very day. Continue reading

Strapping Young Lad – Alien

“Alien” or “not from this planet” are fitting descriptions for the musical genius that is Devin Townsend. Although I can appreciate most of his musical endeavours, my favourite Heavydevy related band/project still is Strapping Young Lad. Although the last S.Y.L. album was nothing to write home about, the Alien album still stands in al its splendour to this very day. Continue reading

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