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Interview With Matt Stevens

Internet and illegal downloading have changed the music industry in a profound way. Record sales are declining, most of the major music labels are gone or about to fall and it even seems that traditional music formats are on the verge of oblivion. At the same time the current digital revolution gives musicians the change to take charge of their own destiny. The internet allows them to present their material to the masses without the aid of record labels or to release their music independently. One of those musicians is Matt Stevens, a very talented guitarist who uses social media to get his music across. I had the pleasure of conducting an interview with this remarkable guy. What followed was a very interesting conversation about his guitar technique, The Fierce And The Dead and his unconventional views on the digital age.

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Matt Stevens – Ghost

Ghosts and other spooky phenomena are the cornerstone of many an English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish folk tales. It also happens to be the name of the latest record by the English guitarist and composer Matt Stevens. Let’s have a closer look at this haunting musical delight. Continue reading

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