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ION – Immaculada

The name alone of Duncan Patterson is a no-return ticket to a musical voyage of wonder. And, of course, how can you think of returning when the sounds that accompany you are so captivating? His spellbinding notes and compositions will carry you away to an incredible journey. This is in short what you can expect on Immaculada, the last album by Duncan Patterson and his ION project. Continue reading


Primordial – Storm Before Calm

Originally released in 2002 on Hammerheart Records, Storm Before Calm marked Primordial’s fourth full-length release. Their mix of Celtic tradition and Nordic bleakness was fairly unique, with only Cruachan really even attempting to cover similar ground (with some success too, I highly recommend seeking their records out!). Continue reading

Vreid – V

Vreid consists of members from Windir. That band disintegrated after the tragic death of main composer and band leader Terje Bakken. The surviving members continued as Vreid. The past couple of years the band established themselves as a quality metal act, highlighted on albums like Kraft (2004), Pitch Black Brigade (2006), I Krig (2007) and Milorg (2009). V is the latest album by Vreid, so let’s take a closer look. Continue reading

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