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Swallow The Sun – New Moon

The last couple of months I developed quite an affection to Finish metal bands. Their music oozes a delicate form of melancholy combined with proficient musical skills to satisfy my other need for progressive sounds. One of my recent discoveries is a doom/death metal band called Swallow The Moon. Their New Moon is the centre piece of this review. Continue reading


Interview With Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy

One of the nice things of being an editor/reviewer is the discovery of new and exciting bands. Recently I came across Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy, a folk/doom metal band from the Czech Republic. Their Navaz album is stacked to the brim with majestic compositions and elaborate arrangements. Singer Pavel Hricner and guitarist Mirek Petrek were more than happy to answer my questions on the band’s early days, the writing and recording sessions for Navaz, the deeper meanings behind the lyrics and Pavel’s passion for music in general. Continue reading

Indian – Guiltless

Indian are a Chicago (USA) based band and they’re specialised in relentless and uncompromising doom metal. After having released several albums and EP’s on the Seventh Seal label they’ve signed with Relapse for their upcoming record, entitled Guiltless. Let’s focus on the crushing power of their latest album. Continue reading

Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy – Návaz

One of the more satisfying things of being a music reviewer is the discovery of unknown musical gems. Last year I was really pleased with Pin-up Went Down from France, who blew me away with their 2 Unlimited and 342 albums. Some weeks ago I discovered Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy, a highly talented doom/folk metal ensemble from the Czech Republic. Recently their Návaz album saw the light of day, so let’s dive into the musical wealth of these Czechs. Continue reading

Moonspell – Night Eternal

When it comes to combining doom metal, death metal and gothic metal, few do it better than Portugal’s own Moonspell. Albums like Irreligious (1996) and Sin/Pecado (1998) are downright classics. After the experimental nature of The Butterfly Effect (1999) the band returned to a harsher style on Darkness And Hope (2001), The Antidote (2003) and Memorial (2006), but retained a certain yearn for change. Their latest effort, Night Eternal (2008) is no exception to the rule. Continue reading

Battlelore – Doombound

Many bands within the metal genre are inspired by the epic tales of J.R.R Tolkien and his Lord Of The Rings. Battlelore from Finland are such a band. They specialize in grand anthems about glory, heroes en bloodshed in the best Tolkien tradition. Their latest offering is a true concept album about the tragic story of Túrin Turambar, one of the greatest heroes of the First Era of Middle Earth. Let’s take a trip into a world full of sorcerers, elves and dragons. Continue reading

Isole – Silent Ruins

There is a lot to be said for consistency. Churning out exactly what the fans expect, ticking all the boxes- guitar solo here, drum roll there, guttural death scream to finish.

There’s a lot more to be said for artistic endeavour and progression: watching an artist grow and develop a vision and sense of place.  With the release of their fourth album, Silent Ruins, the Swedish doom-meisters of Isole have managed to achieve both: an album that delights their existing fan base should have more casual listeners take the opportunity to investigate their very particular brand of proggy doom metal. Continue reading

Draconian – Turning Season Within

When I was growing up, the term Goth was not one of endearment. It generally referred to sullen faced sulky teenagers, often with unwashed back-combed hair, black nail polish and an unrequited love for The Cure’s Robert Smith. Of late, gothic has become a much more fashionable genre, both musically and cinematically. The popularity of Amy Lee’s band Evanescence, the DVD Box set favourite True Blood, the seemingly ubiquitous Twilight movies. Continue reading

Mar De Grises – Stream Inwards

I have to admit that I’m not very familiar with the metal scene from Chile, but I’ve always admired Mar De Grises for their knowledge to add majestic grandeur and tasteful progressive elements to their music. Their The Tatterdemalion Express and Draining The Waterheart are some of my dearest albums when it comes to doom metal. Earlier this year they released their third record, entitled Stream Inwards. Let’s see whether it can hold its own to its illustrious predecessors. Continue reading

October Tide – A Thin Shell

If it feels like an absolute age since we last had a release from doom metal pioneers October Tide then that’s because it is. Eleven years is not just a long time in the music business, its several generations. In the rapidly changing world of heavy metal, it can feel like an aeon. It’s therefore both a huge pleasure and welcome relief to see a new release from the creative minds of Frederick Normann (ex-Katatonia) and co. Continue reading

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