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The Project Hate MCMXCIX – Bleeding The New Apocalypse

Before getting into the music, I want to dissect this album title a bit. The first part of the title is not a declarative statement, like “the apocalypse is bleeding”; it is an active phrase, a threat. The Project Hate MCMXCIX attempt to position themselves as the edge upon which the world will cut itself and bleed out. The second part of the (very long) title is equally telling. The phrase roughly translates as “to be victorious by the strength of your armed hands.” This is a challenge and a promise; Project Hate are determined to achieve victory by their own strength, with their own weapons. Continue reading


Illdisposed – 1.800.Vindication

The overall quality is somewhat fluctuating by Danish premier death metal band Illdisposed. Their Kokaainum album (2001) is a hit-or- miss affair for example. The band’s next album, entitled 1.800.Vindication, is a solid affair with a couple of new elements. Let’s take a closer look at what this album has to offer. Continue reading

Illdisposed – There Is Light (But It’s Not For Me)

It’s fair to say I wasn’t particularly impressed with the previous two Illdisposed albums, namely The Prestige (2008) and To Those Who Walk Behind Us (2009). The offered material was okay, but it clearly lacked inspiration. Now these Danes are back with a new album, entitled There Is Light (But It’s Not For Me). Let’s see whether Bo Summer and Co can redeem themselves.. Continue reading

Benighted – Asylum Cave

These French fiends have passed me by until now, and on this evidence I’ve missed out on some cracking albums. Asylum Cave is the SIXTH release from the band since 2000, and given the sheer quality of this record I’m keen to go back and check out the rest of their work. Continue reading

Swallow The Sun – New Moon

The last couple of months I developed quite an affection to Finish metal bands. Their music oozes a delicate form of melancholy combined with proficient musical skills to satisfy my other need for progressive sounds. One of my recent discoveries is a doom/death metal band called Swallow The Moon. Their New Moon is the centre piece of this review. Continue reading

Amon Amarth – Surtur Rising

Viking mythology has always been a major source of inspiration for countless metal bands. The stories and exploits of these intrepid Scandinavians form the backbone of the Amon Amarth universe. These Swedes managed to carve out their own niche through the years, cemented by albums like The Crusher (2001), Versus The World (2002) and With Oden By Our Side (2006). Surtur Rising is Amon Amarth’s latest album, so let’s see what it’s made of. Continue reading

Cephalic Carnage – Anomalies

Cephalic Carnage are known for their highly original take on grindcore, death metal, jazz and a host of other influences. Anomalies is their fourth full length album and it’s a slight change of pace compared to its high octane predecessors. Let’s take a closer look. Continue reading

Cephalic Carnage – Xenosapien

Xenosapien is the fifth studio album by these Dutch vegetable loving grinders from Denver, Colorado. They’re known for their amazing ability to mix influences from different genres within the confines of their sound and combine that with stellar musicianship. Let’s take a dive in the dazzling world of Cephalic Carnage and their Xenosapien album. Continue reading

Interview With Obscura

One of the highlights so far this year is the new album by German technical death metal outfit Obscura. The album is called Omnivium and it’s quite a dazzling musical adventure into the realm of progressive death metal. On behalf of the band drummer Hannes Grossmann happily answered all my questions regarding Omnivium, the writing and recording process and the releases he’s looking forward this year… Continue reading

Obscura – Omnivium

Omnivium by German technical death metal band Obscura is one of the most highly anticipated releases of this year. Two years ago they managed to cause quite a stir with Cosmogenesis, their second album. It was stuck to the brim with virtuoso death metal captured in very memorable songs. Omnivium marks the return of Steffen Kummerer and Co, so let’s see whether they’re to maintain their position as one of the best bands within the genre. Continue reading

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