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Interview With Dååth

After a slightly disappointing second album the Dååth guys found the right track again on their new self titled album. Sheer sonic ferocity goes hand in hand in with intelligent songwriting. I had the pleasure of doing an interview with guitarist Eyal Levi. He was more than happy to share his views on the new album, working with different producers and the current state of the music industry.

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Dååth – Dååth

A couple of years ago Dååth made quite an impression on the metal community with their intricate brand of progressive death metal. The band weren’t too crazy about The Hinderers, their breakthrough album. Ironically the critics and fans raved about it. With the release of their follow-up album The Concealers, it was the exact way around. The band loved it, but the album received less than favourable feedback. Now the Dååth boys are back with a brand new album, simply entitled Dååth. Continue reading

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