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Chimaira – The Infection

After kickstarting their career again with Resurrection Mark Hunter and Co returned to the studio to record its successor. As was the case with the other Chimaira albums, the band decided to embark on a different course with The Infection, so let’s see how that turned out. Continue reading


Chimaira – Resurrection

Fresh blood in a long running band and a change in record labels can give the right kind of boost to make a great record. That’s certainly the case for Chimaira with former drummer Andols Herrick rejoining the fold and a welcome transition on the business side of things. Resurrection marks Mark Hunter and Co’s revisiting their familiar style during The Impossibility Of Reason days.. Continue reading

Chimaira – Chimaira

Chimaira were part of the so-called New American Wave Of Heavy Metal, together with peers like Killswitch Engage, God Forbid and Shadows Fall. The band was never too happy with that tag, so after the touring cycle of The Impossibility Of Reason they decided to do things a little differently. The result of that is the self-titled album, which is still an incredibly savage affair years after its initial release… Continue reading

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