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Bloodiest – Descent

Some time ago I did an interview with Bruce Lamont of Yakuza and Circle Of Animals fame. He mentioned that his latest project/band, called Bloodiest, was about to release its debut album. Well, here it is under the guise of Descent. As is the case with many Bruce Lamont projects it’s highly original and thought provoking and you need to give it at least ten spins before the music starts to sink in… Continue reading


Interview With Bruce Lamont

If you’re into cutting edge experimental and avant-garde metal the name of Bruce Lamont should ring a bell or two. He’s active in Yakuza, Circle Of Animals and several other projects. Recently he put out his first solo effort, entitled Feral Songs For The Epic Decline. It’s quite a daunting album to get into, but it’s nevertheless a good opportunity to have a friendly chat with Mr Lamont. During a short break from a tour with his Led Zeppelin tribute band he found the time to answer my questions. Continue reading

Bruce Lamont – Feral Songs For The Epic Decline

When you’re familiar with the music from Circle Of Animals and Yakuza you know that Bruce Lamont isn’t about doing things the conventional way. His avant-garde jazz approach to music makes it equally as enthralling as repulsing. In his spare time he worked on his solo album, entitled Feral Songs For The Epic Decline. Knowing his musical background I braced myself for a stride into musically uncharted territories. Continue reading

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