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Anaal Nathrakh – Passion

If heavy metal is left field music then surely Anaal Nathrakh are on the very left wing of the left field. For the last ten years or so they have consistently challenged perceptions, not to mention ear drums, of what is aurally possible. Their sense of the extreme, their relentless pursuit of punishing sounds, often done with a self regarding glint in their nihilisitic eye has been an exemplary lesson in uncomprising brutality. Continue reading


Vintersorg – Jordpuls

After a four year hiatus Andreas Hedlund and his Vintersorg crew return to the fold with a brand new album, entitled Jordpuls. As on its predecessor the album is entirely sung in Swedish with lyrics revolving around mankind and its relationship with nature. Let’s see what Vintersorg’s latest album has to offer. Continue reading

Vintersorg – Solens Rötter

After the reaching the zenith of progressiveness and avant-garde with The Focussing Blur, Andreas Hedlund opted for a more back to basics approach on Solens Rötter (2007). The services of Steve DiGiorgio (bass) and Asgeir Mickelson (drums) were no longer required. The album was recorded by Hedlund and Marklund with the occasional help of some session musicians. Let’s see what impact that had on the material of Solens RötterContinue reading

Vintersorg – The Focussing Blur

After exploring the progressive metal realm with Visions Of The Spiral Generator, Andreas Hedlund and Vintersorg returned in 2004 with The Focussing Blur, their most ambitious record to date. The grandiose themes about physics and astronomy are back in full swing and once again the collective talents of Steve DiGiorgio (bass) and Asgeir Mickelson (drums) are brought in to provide the necessary musical muscle. Continue reading

Vintersorg – Visions From The Spiral Generator

Andreas Hedlund, better known as Mr V, is the main composer behind Vintersorg. He’s also active as a vocalist in Borknagar. Furthermore he keeps himself occupied with several other projects, including Waterclime and Cronian. Before the release of Visions From The Spiral Generator (2002) he released several albums under the Vintersorg moniker, like Till Fjälls (1998) and Ödermarkens Son (1999). However, it’s with Visions From The Spiral Generator where he really managed to break new ground. Continue reading

Primordial – Storm Before Calm

Originally released in 2002 on Hammerheart Records, Storm Before Calm marked Primordial’s fourth full-length release. Their mix of Celtic tradition and Nordic bleakness was fairly unique, with only Cruachan really even attempting to cover similar ground (with some success too, I highly recommend seeking their records out!). Continue reading

Sarke – Oldarhian

Sarke are a Norwegian band comprised of (former) members from Darkthrone, Susperia, Spiral Architect, Borknagar and Satyricon. An impressive list of bands, so the “supergroup” tag is very much valid here. Oldarhian is the band’s second album and the first to feature the current incarnation of Sarke. Let’s see what the new record has to offer. Continue reading

Vreid – V

Vreid consists of members from Windir. That band disintegrated after the tragic death of main composer and band leader Terje Bakken. The surviving members continued as Vreid. The past couple of years the band established themselves as a quality metal act, highlighted on albums like Kraft (2004), Pitch Black Brigade (2006), I Krig (2007) and Milorg (2009). V is the latest album by Vreid, so let’s take a closer look. Continue reading

Moonsorrow – Varjoina Kuljemme Kuolleiden Maassa

Moonsorrow are a band from Finland with strong ties to fellow folk/black metal band Fintroll. Unlike many peers Moonsorrow specialises in long and epic tracks rooted in black metal, folk metal and some viking metal in between. Over the years they released a string of albums, such as Voimasta Ja Kunniasta (2001), Kivenkantaja (2003), Verisäkeet (2005) and V: Hävitetty (2007). The band are about to unleash their latest offering, entitled Varjoina Kuljemme Kuolleiden Maassa. Continue reading

Altar Of Plagues – Mammal

Altar Of Plagues are an Irish ensemble specialised in making an eerie and catatonic combination of black metal and postcore. They’ve been around for quite some time now, resulting in a couple of EP’s and one full length album, entitled White Tomb. These guys make a grand return with their latest effort, called Mammal. Continue reading

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