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ION – Immaculada

The name alone of Duncan Patterson is a no-return ticket to a musical voyage of wonder. And, of course, how can you think of returning when the sounds that accompany you are so captivating? His spellbinding notes and compositions will carry you away to an incredible journey. This is in short what you can expect on Immaculada, the last album by Duncan Patterson and his ION project. Continue reading


Blackfield – Blackfield II

After a couple of tours and recording duties with their respective bands and projects Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen reunited again to work on the next Blackfield album. The result of their labour comes in the form of their second self titled album, or simply known as Blackfield II. Let’s take a closer look. Continue reading

Blackfield – Blackfield

Steven Wilson is well known for his work in Porcupine Tree and countless other projects. He’s also a much sought after producer. One of this more remarkable projects is Blackfield. This is a collaboration with Aviv Geffen, a high profile musician and artist in his native country of Israel. The first fruit of their musical joint venture is the self titled debut album. Continue reading

Les Discrets – Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées

There’s a breed of people who can do virtually anything when they put their mind to it. French native Fursy Teyssier is one of those Renaissance people, for he’s quite an accomplished painter, musician and director of short films. Les Discrets is his musical outlet and Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées is a direct result of that. Let’s take a dive into the mystical world of this versatile man. Continue reading

Amorphis – Am Universum

So what to do as a band when your previous record is hailed as a modern classic? You could try to emulate that record or you could see it as an end of an era and try something radically different. Amorphis did exactly that on their Am Universum album. They took the experimental angle of Tuonela and took it to the next level. Their traditional fan base didn’t like it, but the band decided to push ahead with Am Universum nonetheless. Let’s see whether Amorphis succeeded in delivering something just as good as Tuonela. Continue reading

Amorphis – Tuonela

Amorphis are one of the premier Finish metal bands around. Once a death metal band they gradually shifted their extreme metal roots in exchange for a more rock/stoner/progressive approach, culminating in albums like Elegy (1996), Tuonela (1999) and Am Universum (2001). Tuonela is often regarded as the finest album with former singer Pasi Koskinen. Let’s see if this record still sounds fresh twelve years after its initial release. Continue reading

The Devin Townsend Project – Ki

Devin Townsend is one of the most prolific and highly talented musicians in the metal community today. Either as a producer or with his own projects he really manages to make his mark. One of his latest ventures is an album called Ki. It’s something you wouldn’t expect from someone with his well deserved reputation for manic loudness. Continue reading

The Gathering – The West Pole

The last couple of years were quite turbulent for The Gathering. Former lead singer Anneke van Giersbergen left the band in pursuit of her own musical endeavours. The future of the band was in limbo for quite some time. However they managed to pull themselves together, found a new vocalist in the form of Silje Wergeland and they released one of their strongest albums to date, entitled The West Pole. Continue reading

Guilt Machine – On This Perfect Day

Arjen Lucassen is probably best known for being the mastermind behind Ayreon. Records like Into The Electric Castle, The Human Equation and 01011001 are massive prog behemoths built around difficult storylines and countless guests. His latest project Guilt Machine is way more basic in its approach but not less impressive… Continue reading

Anathema – We’re Here Because We’re Here

The Anathema fan base had to wait an awfully long time for it, but the band have finally released a successor to 2003’s A Natural Disaster. The new album is called We’re Here Because We’re Here. Let’s see whether it’s all worth the wait. Continue reading

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