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Interview with Arjen Lucassen

Victims Of The Modern Age is the latest album by Dutch musical mastermind Arjen Lucassen. With projects like Ayreon, Star One and Guilt Machine he has made himself a household name in the progressive rock and metal landscape. Prior to the album being released, Wouter de Boer had an extensive telephone chat with The Tall One, as he is often referred to. Due to technical problems with the recording and the sheer length of the interview, it took some time to work out the final article. A lot that has been said, ultimately didn’t reach the pages of Home Nucleonics. But what remains is an honest portrait of a talented musician who always strives for the best quality possible. Just the way we like it! Continue reading


Star One – Victims Of The Modern Age

A new Arjen Lucassen release is always something to look out for. The Dutch composer and multi-musician always delivers good quality, oftentimes even great. The man who singlehandedly put the modern rock opera back on the map with his Ayreon project is back with a follow-up to one of his other enterprises, Star One. Did its first release, Space Metal (2002), Continue reading

Guilt Machine – On This Perfect Day

Arjen Lucassen is probably best known for being the mastermind behind Ayreon. Records like Into The Electric Castle, The Human Equation and 01011001 are massive prog behemoths built around difficult storylines and countless guests. His latest project Guilt Machine is way more basic in its approach but not less impressive… Continue reading

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