Vintersorg – The Focussing Blur

After exploring the progressive metal realm with Visions Of The Spiral Generator, Andreas Hedlund and Vintersorg returned in 2004 with The Focussing Blur, their most ambitious record to date. The grandiose themes about physics and astronomy are back in full swing and once again the collective talents of Steve DiGiorgio (bass) and Asgeir Mickelson (drums) are brought in to provide the necessary musical muscle. Continue reading


Vintersorg – Visions From The Spiral Generator

Andreas Hedlund, better known as Mr V, is the main composer behind Vintersorg. He’s also active as a vocalist in Borknagar. Furthermore he keeps himself occupied with several other projects, including Waterclime and Cronian. Before the release of Visions From The Spiral Generator (2002) he released several albums under the Vintersorg moniker, like Till Fjälls (1998) and Ödermarkens Son (1999). However, it’s with Visions From The Spiral Generator where he really managed to break new ground. Continue reading

Interview With Wolverine

It’s often said that the best art originates from suffering. That’s certainly the case with Swedish progressive rock band Wolverine and their Communication Lost album. It’s a really dark effort based on some intense personal issues and struggles individual band members had to face. Drummer Marcus Losbjer (ML) and vocalist Stefan Zell (SZ) talked candidly about the dark times before releasing Communication Lost, their reconciliation with the current status of the band and some releases both gents are really looking forward to.. Continue reading

Van Der Graaf Generator – Trisector

After the reunion of the ‘classic’ line-up in 2005 and saxophonist David Jackson leaving the band in 2006 Van Der Graaf Generator have continued as a trio and released Trisector in 2008. Being one of the few active 70’s prog rock bands they still achieve to release albums of importance – yet without their trademark saxophone sound nobody knew what to expect from the new trio. Continue reading

Interview with Antimatter

Social media are hot nowadays. With Twitter and Facebook you can build a following consisting of people from every corner of the globe. Some time ago I was contacted by Helen Liverakou from Greece whether I was interested in publishing her interview with Mick Moss from Antimatter. After seeing the quality of her article I was thrilled to put it on Home Nucleonics. They talked about a whole range of different topics, including Alternative Matter, Mick’s influences, future projects and collaborations and what keeps him going as a musician.. Continue reading

Zombi – Escape Velocity

The new album Velocity Escape by the Italian duo Zombi is an anachronistic case. First of all the music is all about 80’s electro-pop. Then the songs are mostly based on monotonic synthesizer sequences reminding me of Tangerine Dream. Adding to this all tracks are instrumentals so the music concentrates on the beats rather than anything else. Continue reading

Primordial – Storm Before Calm

Originally released in 2002 on Hammerheart Records, Storm Before Calm marked Primordial’s fourth full-length release. Their mix of Celtic tradition and Nordic bleakness was fairly unique, with only Cruachan really even attempting to cover similar ground (with some success too, I highly recommend seeking their records out!). Continue reading

Wolverine – Communication Lost

Communication Lost is the fourth full length album by the Swedish progsters of Wolverine. It’s the successor to the Still album, which was released back in 2006. It has been a long wait, so let’s see what these lads have been tinkering with for the last five years. Continue reading

Wolverine – Still

Wolverine are a progressive rock band from Sweden. They started out as a melodic death metal act, but through the years they evolved to the progressive entity they are today. Their third album Still was released back in 2006. While listening to this record I can’t help feeling baffled about the lack of recognition for Wolverine from the general public. Continue reading

Interview With The Human Abstract

When it comes to cutting edge progressive metal(core) the guys from The Human Abstract are at the forefront of it. Their Digital Veil album is a true technical tour-de-force. Returning guitarist A.J Minette was kind enough to answer some questions about the creative and recording sessions for Digital Veil, his classical influences and his appreciation for Matt Bellamy and his chummies in Muse.. Continue reading

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