Between The Buried And Me – Colors

Between The Buried And Me is a progressive metalcore outfit from Raleigh, North Carolina. Colors (2006) is the band’s third album and the first where they really show what they’re musically capable of. The band described this record as “adult contemporary progressive death metal”. However quirky that may sound, it’s an accurate description of what you can expect on the musical extravaganza that is Colors.. Continue reading


Masters Of Reality – Deep In The Hole

After working with Queens Of The Stone Age Chris Goss reactivated Masters Of Reality again with this time a host of QOTSA affiliates being a part of the live and recording line-up. This resulted in a studio album, entitled Deep In The Hole and Flak ‘N’ Flight, the subsequent live album. Let’s take a closer look on what effect all these guest had on Deep In The Hole. Continue reading

Masters Of Reality – Welcome To The Western Lounge

Chris Goss is mostly known as being a producer for bands like Queens Of The Stone Age, Kyuss, Auf Der Mauer and a solo album by Ian Astbury (The Cult). In his spare time he records and tours with Masters Of Reality, his own band. It’s pretty much a low-key affair, but the sheer of albums like Sunrise On The Sufferbus (1992), Welcome To The Western Lounge (1999) and Deep In The Hole (2001) cannot be denied. This review focusses on Welcome To The Western Lounge. Let’s start loungin’.. Continue reading

Interview With Orphaned Land

Last year Orphaned Land delivered an instant classic in the form of The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR. It’s also a band with a strong message to look past racial, ethnic and religious differences and accept people they way they are. I had the pleasure of doing an interview with guitarist Matti Svatizky. He had a lot to tell about the Orphaned Land’s recent tours with Katatonia and Amorphis, a very memorable trip to India, working together with Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), Kirk Hammett’s (Metallica) appreciation for the band and showing a different side of his native country Israel.. Continue reading

Born Of Osiris – The Discovery

The good thing about hypes and trends is that they’re usually short lived and when they’re over it’s usually the end of everything remotely connected to them. American progressive death metal/core band Born Of Osiris are at the cutting edge of a new breed of highly technical extreme metal bands and they’re subject to being the new kid in town. Let’s take a closer look at their latest album, entitled The Discovery. Continue reading

Benighted – Asylum Cave

These French fiends have passed me by until now, and on this evidence I’ve missed out on some cracking albums. Asylum Cave is the SIXTH release from the band since 2000, and given the sheer quality of this record I’m keen to go back and check out the rest of their work. Continue reading

ION – Immaculada

The name alone of Duncan Patterson is a no-return ticket to a musical voyage of wonder. And, of course, how can you think of returning when the sounds that accompany you are so captivating? His spellbinding notes and compositions will carry you away to an incredible journey. This is in short what you can expect on Immaculada, the last album by Duncan Patterson and his ION project. Continue reading

Anaal Nathrakh – Passion

If heavy metal is left field music then surely Anaal Nathrakh are on the very left wing of the left field. For the last ten years or so they have consistently challenged perceptions, not to mention ear drums, of what is aurally possible. Their sense of the extreme, their relentless pursuit of punishing sounds, often done with a self regarding glint in their nihilisitic eye has been an exemplary lesson in uncomprising brutality. Continue reading

Vintersorg – Jordpuls

After a four year hiatus Andreas Hedlund and his Vintersorg crew return to the fold with a brand new album, entitled Jordpuls. As on its predecessor the album is entirely sung in Swedish with lyrics revolving around mankind and its relationship with nature. Let’s see what Vintersorg’s latest album has to offer. Continue reading

Vintersorg – Solens Rötter

After the reaching the zenith of progressiveness and avant-garde with The Focussing Blur, Andreas Hedlund opted for a more back to basics approach on Solens Rötter (2007). The services of Steve DiGiorgio (bass) and Asgeir Mickelson (drums) were no longer required. The album was recorded by Hedlund and Marklund with the occasional help of some session musicians. Let’s see what impact that had on the material of Solens RötterContinue reading

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