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Interview With Orphaned Land

Last year Orphaned Land delivered an instant classic in the form of The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR. It’s also a band with a strong message to look past racial, ethnic and religious differences and accept people they way they are. I had the pleasure of doing an interview with guitarist Matti Svatizky. He had a lot to tell about the Orphaned Land’s recent tours with Katatonia and Amorphis, a very memorable trip to India, working together with Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), Kirk Hammett’s (Metallica) appreciation for the band and showing a different side of his native country Israel.. Continue reading


Interview With Wolverine

It’s often said that the best art originates from suffering. That’s certainly the case with Swedish progressive rock band Wolverine and their Communication Lost album. It’s a really dark effort based on some intense personal issues and struggles individual band members had to face. Drummer Marcus Losbjer (ML) and vocalist Stefan Zell (SZ) talked candidly about the dark times before releasing Communication Lost, their reconciliation with the current status of the band and some releases both gents are really looking forward to.. Continue reading

Interview with Antimatter

Social media are hot nowadays. With Twitter and Facebook you can build a following consisting of people from every corner of the globe. Some time ago I was contacted by Helen Liverakou from Greece whether I was interested in publishing her interview with Mick Moss from Antimatter. After seeing the quality of her article I was thrilled to put it on Home Nucleonics. They talked about a whole range of different topics, including Alternative Matter, Mick’s influences, future projects and collaborations and what keeps him going as a musician.. Continue reading

Interview With The Human Abstract

When it comes to cutting edge progressive metal(core) the guys from The Human Abstract are at the forefront of it. Their Digital Veil album is a true technical tour-de-force. Returning guitarist A.J Minette was kind enough to answer some questions about the creative and recording sessions for Digital Veil, his classical influences and his appreciation for Matt Bellamy and his chummies in Muse.. Continue reading

Interview With TesseracT

There’s a new subgenre within metal on the rise, simply called “djent”. It’s a term used for bands who are inspired by Meshuggah and combine this all kinds of progressive wizardry. One of the rising starts within the djent movement are UK-based TesseracT. They made quite a splash with One, their thoroughly solid debut album. On behalf of the band singer Dan Tompkins (D) and bass player Amos Williams (A) were more than willing to answer my questions about their new album, songwriting and their adventures with Periphery and Monuments and a very memorable gig in India.. Continue reading

Interview With Psychotic Waltz

My interview with Psychotic Waltz is originally intended to be solely conducted with Devon Graves, the band’s charismatic singer and occasional flutist. The whole band joined in, so it turned into a very lively conversation with guitarists Brian McAlpine (B), Dan Rock (DR), drummer Norm Leggio (N) and of course Devon Graves (D). We talked about the band’s reunion, the timeless character of their music, Devon’s activities with Deadsoul Tribe and The Shadow Theory and their collective dislike of being called “progressive”… Continue reading

Interview With Nevermore

During the Power Of Metal Tour with Symphony X, Nevermore and Psychotic Waltz I had the change to sit down with Jeff Loomis of Nevermore fame. He turned out to be a very down to earth and downright funny conversationalist with some very sharp and witty answers from time to time. We talked about the whole Power Of Metal Tour, trading licks with Micheal Romeo (Symphony X), The Obsidian Conspiracy and his love for seventies music… Continue reading

Interview With Katatonia

When it comes down to dark and atmospheric heavy music few do it better than Sweden-based Katatonia. In the old days they started out as a traditional doom/death ensemble, but as time went by the band branched out to unfamiliar pastures. This resulted into genuine gems as Last Fair Deal Gone Down (2001), Viva Emptiness (2003) and The Great Cold Distance (2006). Katatonia’s latest album, Night Is The New Day (2010), is another worthy addition to the band’s ongoing back catalogue. That’s enough reason to have a friendly chat with vocalist Jonas Renkse about the past and future of Katatonia, some reflection on Night Is The New Day, some side projects and the band’s dedication to their fand and art… Continue reading

Interview With The Pineapple Thief

Every music genre has its high-profile bands who dominate their specific scene. There’s also a layer of highly talented bands who don’t get the exposure and recognition they deserve. One of those bands is UK-based The Pineapple Thief. Their latest album, entitled Someone Here Is Missing, is a genuine prog rock gem. I had a pleasant conversation with band chief and sole composer Bruce Soord about the band’s current status, the upcoming tours with Blackfield and Riverside, the in’s and out’s on Someone Here Is Missing and a possible new album… Continue reading

Interview With Beardfish

Swedish progressive outfit Beardfish are highly influenced by seventies prog rock in the vein of King Crimson, Yes, Gentle Giant and Camel. They combine this with intelligent songwriting and thought-provoking lyrics. The band is about to release Mammoth, their latest effort. Some time ago I had a pleasant conversation with Rikard Sjöblom, the main songwriter and vocalist in Beardfish. Subjects of this interview are the collective love for seventies music, the fun they had while recording the new album and the noble art of songwriting.. Continue reading

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