About Home Nucleonics

Hi there and thank you for visiting Home Nucleonics. My name is Raymond Westland and I’m a writer/editor for ThisIsNotAScene (TINAS), Loud Reviews (LR) and Dutch Distortion (DD). I’m very much into progressive, atmospheric, technical and avant-garde rock and metal. I’m kind of bored with mainstream metal and therefore I’ve chosen to focus on smaller and talented artists and bands with my weblog. They are the unsung heroes that keep the metal scene alive and thriving.

I would like to thank Mat Davies, Rob McAuslan, Saskia Hemmen, Tony Burgio, Helena Liverakou, Wolfgang Merx, Maarten Merkens, Natalie Zed, Ross Allen, Bruce Smeath and Renee Trotier for their past, present and future contributions to Home Nucleonics. A special thanks to Wouter De Boer for his patience and grace. I also would like to thank all the promo agencies and labels for their continued support and providing HN with some excellent music to review.

If you’re interested in coverage on HN, please fill in the contact form below. I accept digital promos only. Thank you for your understanding.


Raymond Westland

Founder/Senior Editor Home Nucleonics


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