While Heaven Wept – Fear Of Infinity

The time between the ultimate “Vast Ocean Lachrymose” until the today’s  release of “Fear of Infinity” was for me (and I believe that for every fan of While Heaven Wept) more than anticipating. All this time, being in continuous contact with frontman and guitarist of the band Tom Phillips, the only thing that I was trying to achieve was to sneak out information about what was about to reach our ears. So, Tom said to me: “Helen, don’t wait anything like V.O.L., this album will be more epic, more dark, more heavy.” My anticipation and longing reached the maximum limit. “Fear of Infinity” reached my hands and the shock I was under was indeed great, as it surpassed any attempt I had made to guess its content.

It’s 2011 and we have While Heaven Wept from the United States of America with a new album, already one of the best of this year, from Nuclear Blast and with an additional member, Jason Lingle (Keyboards, Vocals) added to the existing lineup, Tom Phillips (Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals) Jim Hunter (Bass, Vocals) Rain Irving (Lead Vocals) Trevor Schrotz(Drums) Scott Loose (Guitar) Michelle Schrotz (Keyboards, Vocals) playing Doom / Progressive / Symphonic / Epic Metal, holding worthily the crown of the epic-doom throne! Seven great sad journeys to a music galaxy full of grief! “Fear Of Infinity” will become the passage to the final destination of the decision, the end, letting pain, grief and mourning be the cost. In this album you await for the unexpected, that which came to complete the constant search that existed in V.O.L. For me it is the sequel and the solution, the atonement that comes to redeem. The solution which you already know and await, which will guide you blindly to the fears of infinity. The hour of payback will come, “Hour Of Reprisal” purely dynamic, epic, it will grab you right away with great musical beauty. “Destroyer Of Solace”, realizing the trap and how lost you can  be in an illusion, anger will take over, dynamic, aggressive and nicely colored by the voice of Irving, as with the tribute to Bathory times. The obsessions are closing in on you and the modern doom sounds of “Obsessions Now Effigies” make you see the treason. Musical superiority and skill without exaggerations. Irving’s voice is probably at its best phase. Sorrow and desertion will dominate you with “Unplenidude”, where the tempo drops and the well-known sentimentalism of W.H.W. touches you once more. These are the parts that you like to feel your eyes getting wet, because everyone has a reason. ” Grieve Forever” is a pure doom song, melodic, without having a way to describe the unique feel that Tom Phillips has with his guitar. Amazing intro till 01.20’, with Rain taking up the vocals somewhere in 02.25’; voices and notes destroy you! “Saturn And Sacrifice” what can I say? It’s the signature of W.H.W. with doom-epic seal. It’s the best it can get! Heavy slow guitars that go up, the crystal clear, natural, expressing voice of Irving, the massacre from 02.30’ to 03.30’, the speed, the power, will make it the hymn of “Fear of Infinity”. Tom Phillips had mentioned to me at the past that the music he writes will always come from his heart. This unofficial promise he gave me was kept vividly in the last song of the album. Finality is truly an eleven-minute musical trip to infinity. It gives you the ticket to a massive galaxy of mentality without return. After all this truly internal absurdity, comes the time of hard acceptance. The despair becomes notes, and if “Vessel” (V.O.L.) moved you, with “Finality” the thing that you maybe be afraid of but in fact you expected will happen to you, you will break..!

Tom and his party have found the code that makes you want to take a deep breath and say: “At last! This IS an album!”. An album that is already at the top, with the sweet melancholy that drives you to unbelievable emotions. Amazing bonding between the members of the band, truly beautiful artwork from Estelle Motsiou from Greece.  Twenty-one years have passed, and While Heaven Wept, at the peak of their creativity, can make you take final decisions.“Fear Of Infinity” passes from the shock – disloyalty – denial. It will make you fight with anger – despair – acceptance. Who doesn’t want to reach the ending?… FINALITY ???

“May you find peace and happiness into the light transcend
  I’ll spend my last days in sorrow alone until the end”
Written by Helen Liverakou


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