Illdisposed – 1.800.Vindication

The overall quality is somewhat fluctuating by Danish premier death metal band Illdisposed. Their Kokaainum album (2001) is a hit-or- miss affair for example. The band’s next album, entitled 1.800.Vindication, is a solid affair with a couple of new elements. Let’s take a closer look at what this album has to offer.

1.800.Vindication was Illdisposed’s first album for Roadrunner Records and this may explain why the album sounds so fresh and inspired. Bo Summers and Co are on fire on songs like I Believe In Me, Dark, Jeff and Still Sane. The song material is diverse, refined and compact and the addition of well placed keyboard parts and electronic effects takes 1.800.Vindication to the next level. The clean vocals provided by producer Ziggy are a nice bonus.

Despite the addition of keyboard layers and clean vocals, Illdisposed is still first and foremost a death metal band. The heavy guitar parts, deadly grooves and Bo Summer’s impressive arsenal of growls and screams make sure of that. Now We’re History, In Search Of Souls and You Against The World are still as heavy and formidable as they come.

The heavy and modern production stresses the relevance and urgency of 1.800.Vindication. Producer Ziggo and Tue Madsen were responsible for the production magic of this album.

1.800.Vindication is a relatively accessible record, but it’s the overall strong and convincing song material that makes it a true winner. Certainly one of Illdisposed’s finest hours.

Written by Raymond Westland


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