Masters Of Reality – Welcome To The Western Lounge

Chris Goss is mostly known as being a producer for bands like Queens Of The Stone Age, Kyuss, Auf Der Mauer and a solo album by Ian Astbury (The Cult). In his spare time he records and tours with Masters Of Reality, his own band. It’s pretty much a low-key affair, but the sheer of albums like Sunrise On The Sufferbus (1992), Welcome To The Western Lounge (1999) and Deep In The Hole (2001) cannot be denied. This review focusses on Welcome To The Western Lounge. Let’s start loungin’..

After a short intro full of distortion and fuzz the album starts with It’s Shit. Besides Chris Goss’ profound for tong-in-cheek styled lyrics its reveals his love for music from the sixties and seventies with The Beatles, David Bowie, T-Rex and Pink Floyd leading the charge. He’s also has an uncanny ear for melodies. This becomes apparent on songs like Baby Mae and Take A Shot At The Clown.

Welcome To The Western Lounge is most of all a (desert) rock album, highlighted by hard-driving songs like Moriah, Time To Burn, Why The Fly and Also Ran Song. Chris Goss isn’t afraid to experiment a bit on the side, which results into songs like The Great Spelunker, Call Dr Carrion and Lover’s Sky. His wonderful soothing vocals take you on a musical voyage you won’t soon forget.

Goss also handled the production chores for Welcome To The Western Lounge. He gave it a vintage styled production, which enhances the sixties and seventies feel of the music. It also gives the album a distinct desert rock feel.

Welcome To The Western Lounge has this wonderful lose feeling about it. It’s made by someone with a profound love for good music while having a blast writing and recording the album. This is one of those overlooked gems and quite frankly it’s way more to offer than the recent output by Queens Of The Stone Age and Them Crooked Vultures. Perfect soundtrack for a lazy sunny Spring afternoon..

Written by Raymond Westland


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