Masters Of Reality – Deep In The Hole

After working with Queens Of The Stone Age Chris Goss reactivated Masters Of Reality again with this time a host of QOTSA affiliates being a part of the live and recording line-up. This resulted in a studio album, entitled Deep In The Hole and Flak ‘N’ Flight, the subsequent live album. Let’s take a closer look on what effect all these guest had on Deep In The Hole.

Surprising as it may seem, there’s isn’t a major Queens Of The Stone Age influence on Deep In The Hole. It simply sounds like Masters Of Reality, despite all the contributions by Troy van Leeuwen, Nick Oliveri and Josh Homme. It’s still Chris Goss calling the shots and spreading his love for sixties and seventies music on tracks like Third Man On The Moon, A Wish For A Fish, Counting Horses and High Noon Amsterdam.

Deep In The Hole revolves around very memorable and diverse song material, ranging from uptempo rockers (Third Man On The Moon, A Wish For A Fish and High Noon Amsterdam with guest vocals by Mark Lanagan), more experimental songs drenched in psychedelics (Scatagoria, title track) and more dreamy, almost ballad type stuff (Counting Horses, Roof Of The Shed). Goss’ impeccable sense for melodies and his soothing vocals ties it all together.

As on Welcome To The Western Lounge Chris Goss himself handled the production sound. He gave the album a warm and vintage sound, which enhances the retro and desert feel of Deep In The Hole.

It’s hard to say whether Deep In The Hole is better than Welcome To The Western Lounge or not. I’ll suffice by saying that this album is yet again a wonderful journey through the musical mind and influences of Chris Goss. And yes, I still think that Masters Of Reality is way more to offer than Queens Of The Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures and Kyuss thrown together. Enough said!

Written by Raymond Westland


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