Born Of Osiris – The Discovery

The good thing about hypes and trends is that they’re usually short lived and when they’re over it’s usually the end of everything remotely connected to them. American progressive death metal/core band Born Of Osiris are at the cutting edge of a new breed of highly technical extreme metal bands and they’re subject to being the new kid in town. Let’s take a closer look at their latest album, entitled The Discovery.

The buzz surrounding this band is at least partially justified, because their technical skills are simply phenomenal. The most complicated guitar licks and drum patterns are played with an awe inspiring ease. The Meshuggah inspired groove and off-beat time signatures are used to deadly effect. That’s basically the good news of The Discovery. However, the offered song material is more of a hit and miss affair.

When Born Of Osiris manage to do it right, it works really well. This is certainly the case on Singularity, Ascension, Devastate and Two Worlds Of Design. On the downside of things there are some lesser moments as well in the form of Dissimulation, Automatic Motion and Regenerate. The guitar work is simply brilliant, but it’s the completely redundant keyboard lines that severely weaken the potential of those tracks. Follow The Signs and Shaping The Masterpiece are two other sad examples of this. Ambient style interludes, like A Solution, The Omniscient and XIV do give Born Of Osiris a face of its own, but within the context of this album they have really nothing to add. They merely serve as annoying obstacles.

Sound wise all is well on The Discovery. The somewhat dirty production gives the album a really nice aggressive drive which the music thrives on.

The Discovery has its moments of sheer brilliance, but they can’t save this record from being somewhat of a failed experiment. The Born Of Osiris guys are extremely talented, but perhaps they can take a couple of masterclasses from bands like Obscura and The Faceless in how to combine boundless virtuosity with effective song writing.

Written by Raymond Westland



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