ION – Immaculada

The name alone of Duncan Patterson is a no-return ticket to a musical voyage of wonder. And, of course, how can you think of returning when the sounds that accompany you are so captivating? His spellbinding notes and compositions will carry you away to an incredible journey. This is in short what you can expect on Immaculada, the last album by Duncan Patterson and his ION project.

Four years after Madre, Protegenos, he is with us again. A wanderer seeking musical phrases, he chose instruments and exotic voices to be his travelling companions. Peculiar and adored, Duncan Patterson chose his own destination, traveling through many places all over the planet while composing the album. His personal experiences during these journeys are embedded in the form of ballads on Immaculada

The album was composed in both Greece and Ireland; its rhythms and musical direction lead you to the Celtic culture, Mediterranean beauty and peace of mind. It’s an enigmatic album, atmospheric yet not catatonic, charming, harmonic and along with the wonderfully ethereal and sweet voice of Lisa Guthberg, it leads you to the soul of the Irish lands. Aoife Guthberg, Mark Kelson (Of The Eternal) and Vic Anselmo provided the other, often angelic, vocals. On the album you hear Duncan drowning himself into the cultures and beauty of the countries he visited, like Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Rumania.

Showcasing his versatile talent on Immaculada you hear flute, violin, cello, piano, some drums and, above all, his distinguishable mandolin. Duncan Patterson is the type of musician who likes to explore new musical pastures, after having spend seven years in Anathema. His stint with Antimatter was the beginning of his musical explorations. Immaculada is simply the epitome of all his experiences and musical skills. On this album he  invites you to join him on this unique journey between good and evil, light and shadow, salvation and loss in the form of eight enchanting pieces of music, including Temptation, Adoration, The Silent Stars and Return To Spirit.

On Immaculada it’s not the ultimate destination which is important, but the journey getting there with Duncan Patterson being the consummate guide..

Written by Helena Liverakou


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