Vintersorg – Jordpuls

After a four year hiatus Andreas Hedlund and his Vintersorg crew return to the fold with a brand new album, entitled Jordpuls. As on its predecessor the album is entirely sung in Swedish with lyrics revolving around mankind and its relationship with nature. Let’s see what Vintersorg’s latest album has to offer.

This time around Andreas Hedlund and Mattias Marklund opted for continuing the course set on Solens Rötter, namely a delicate balance between more black metal orientated material with folk elements while maintaining a well defined progressive undercurrent. The dynamic duo spent their time wisely on the song material, because the music contains more details than ever. Nifty little string sections, acoustic guitar parts and memorable keyboards make Jordpuls a true delight.

Despite all the small details the album never becomes overwhelming, thanks to well structured songs like Klippor Och Skär, Til Dånet Av Forsar Och Vall, Mörk Nebulosa, Skogen Sover and Palissader. Andreas Hedlund steals the show with his mighty clean vocals and effective black metal styled rasps. One little element of Jordpuls is bothering me, though, and that’s the use of programmed drums. In my view the human touch and little imperfections of a real drummer would have reinforced the folk element of this album.

Andreas Hedlund once again acted as the album’s producer, giving it a crisp and layered sound. This really enhances the listening experience.

Jordpuls is most of all a very complete and solid album. It once again shows the impressive song writing skills of Andreas Hedlund and Mattias Marklund. This album didn’t make such a landslide impression as Visions Of The A Spiral Generator, but it’s still any bit as good as the latest albums by like minded bands like Borknagar and Solefald. Perhaps it would be a good idea to give Steve DiGiorgio and Asgeir Mickelson another call and create a true masterpiece again…

Written by Raymond Westland


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