Zombi – Escape Velocity

The new album Velocity Escape by the Italian duo Zombi is an anachronistic case. First of all the music is all about 80’s electro-pop. Then the songs are mostly based on monotonic synthesizer sequences reminding me of Tangerine Dream. Adding to this all tracks are instrumentals so the music concentrates on the beats rather than anything else.

It’s almost the same with every song: the sequences start, a drum beat is added and then it’s up to sweeping string sounds to break this beat and give the tracks some life. Sadly these strings often make the tracks sound a bit cheesy and bring back all the 80’s glory. I’ll leave it up to the listener to judge if this is either good or bad. Same goes with the album only featuring five tracks over a short running time of 33 minutes.

Zombi’s Escape Velocity is rather something for sport exercises or dance parties – but please don’t forget your neon shirts and spandex leggings.

Written by Wolfgang Merx


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