Wolverine – Communication Lost

Communication Lost is the fourth full length album by the Swedish progsters of Wolverine. It’s the successor to the Still album, which was released back in 2006. It has been a long wait, so let’s see what these lads have been tinkering with for the last five years.

It was certainly worth the wait. Communication Lost follows the same pattern as the Still record, but with more depth, multi-layered compositions and a newfound sense for contrasts and dynamics. Although Wolverine know how to play their instruments, they don’t rely extensively on high tech powerplay to get their message across. It’s more about a delicate form of melancholy, a trait the band share with Katatonia and Anathema for instance. This melancholic atmosphere is further enhanced by tastefully placed string sections and Stefan Zells warm and powerful vocals.

The main strength of Communication Lost lays in the sophisticated song material, like Into The Great Nothing, Poison Ivy, Your Favourite War, Pulse and In Memory Of Me. They also managed to find the right balance between heavier and lighter parts. This really adds a lot of additional tension and a sense of adventure to the album. In The Quiet Of Dawn, A Beginning and the title are other brilliant examples of what Wolverine are capable of.

Sound wise there’s nothing to complain about on this record. Communication Lost is blessed with a clear and warm production, thanks to the capable hands of Jacob Hansen (The Arcane Order, Raunchy).

It’s often said that progressive rock and metal are all about technique. Wolverine bring a lot of feeling and song writing prowess into the equation with Communication Lost. This record will be counted among the highlights within the prog realm this year. Mark my words.

Written by Raymond Westland


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