Vreid – V

Vreid consists of members from Windir. That band disintegrated after the tragic death of main composer and band leader Terje Bakken. The surviving members continued as Vreid. The past couple of years the band established themselves as a quality metal act, highlighted on albums like Kraft (2004), Pitch Black Brigade (2006), I Krig (2007) and Milorg (2009). V is the latest album by Vreid, so let’s take a closer look.

On V the band continue on what they do best, namely delivering high quality black and roll. There are some changes though. Tracks like Arche, The Blood Eagle and Wolverine Bastards are a tad more layered and somewhat more complex compared to the older material. The Sound Of The River and Welcome To The Asylum are two convincing examples. Vreid managed to retain their trademark rock and roll groove though.

Another nice feature are the folk influences on Fire On The Mountain and The Others And The Look. The latter song contains some nifty nods to the old Windir days. This together with some excellent guitar leads and solos and the multi-layered approach of much of the song material makes V a diverse and thoroughly solid album.

Sound wise there’s nothing to complain about either. It’s thick and meaty, giving V the metallic edge it needs. Some purists may argue it’s too clean for black metal standards, but in Vreid’s case it works really well.

V is a very convincing effort by these Norwegians. The songs are memorable and diverse and the newfound depth enhances the listening experience. Great!

Written by Raymond Westland


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