Blackfield – Blackfield

Steven Wilson is well known for his work in Porcupine Tree and countless other projects. He’s also a much sought after producer. One of this more remarkable projects is Blackfield. This is a collaboration with Aviv Geffen, a high profile musician and artist in his native country of Israel. The first fruit of their musical joint venture is the self titled debut album.

Blackfield is quite a departure from Porcupine Tree’s progressive meanderings. This album is full of carefully constructed pop rock songs in a dreamy and melancholic setting. Aviv Geffen and Steve Wilson both handle the lead vocals, backing vocals and harmonies. The album contains some harder moments in Open Mind, Glow and Cloudy Now, but they are few and far in between.

The beauty of this album is hidden in the details. Subtle keys, psychedelic effects, soothing melodies or a well placed string section are the elements that make Pain, The Hole In Me, Perfect World and Lullaby such memorable songs. The voice of Aviv Geffen has an unusual kind of timbre, but it works really well in the context of Blackfield and together with the soft and soothing vocals by Steven Wilson.

The production of Blackfield is simply immaculate, courtesy of the skillful hands of Steven Wilson himself. The guy is a genius.

Blackfield offers all the good elements of pop music with some slight progressive undertones. Melancholy and a longing for better days are predominant elements on this album. Good stuff!

Written by Raymond Westland


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