Blackfield – Blackfield II

After a couple of tours and recording duties with their respective bands and projects Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen reunited again to work on the next Blackfield album. The result of their labour comes in the form of their second self titled album, or simply known as Blackfield II. Let’s take a closer look.

Blackfield II uses almost the same blueprint as the previous album. The bulk of the songs are still melancholic progressive pop songs keeping the middle ground between Radiohead and Coldplay, although the music of Wilson and Geffen is way more imaginative and interesting than the usual Coldplay drivel. This album has its harder moments under the guise of Once, Miss U and Christenings.

The majority of the tracks are carefully crafted pop songs with all sorts of string sections, subtle keys and other nice elements which underscore the melancholic character. 1000 People, This Killer, Epidemic, My Gift Of Silence and End Of The World are brilliant examples of this. The main difference with the first Blackfield album is that this time around the different writing styles of Wilson and Geffen flow better together. Steven Wilson is also more prominently present in the vocal department.

He’s also responsible for the spot on sound of Blackfield II. Like I said in my previous Blackfield review the guy is a friggin’ genius.

Blackfield II is the logical follow-up record to the debut album. It again provides near perfect melancholic pop songs with a slight progressive undercurrent. Once again, very impressive!

Written by Raymond Westland


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