Amon Amarth – Surtur Rising

Viking mythology has always been a major source of inspiration for countless metal bands. The stories and exploits of these intrepid Scandinavians form the backbone of the Amon Amarth universe. These Swedes managed to carve out their own niche through the years, cemented by albums like The Crusher (2001), Versus The World (2002) and With Oden By Our Side (2006). Surtur Rising is Amon Amarth’s latest album, so let’s see what it’s made of.

Amon Amarth are often labelled as the AC/DC or Motörhead of Swedish death metal and with good reason. They’ve found their own sound years ago and they cling on to it with ruthless determination. With Amon Amarth you know what you get beforehand. Surtur Rising continues the familiar path set ages ago, but it still has plenty to offer in terms of diversity, quality and sheer joy.

War Of The Gods, Destroyer Of The Universe, For Victory Or Death and A Beast Am I are faster paced tracks on the album. These songs work great in tandem with the more traditional mid paced material, like Slaves Of Fear, The Last Stand Of Frej and Doom Over Dead. All these songs have a feeling of majestic pride and triumph about them. That’s exactly what makes Surtur Rising a very memorable effort. Amon Amarth know where they’re coming from and that makes their music genuine.

Sound wise there’s nothing to complain about with Surtur Rising. It’s clear, yet very powerful. This gives the album some additional punch.

With Surtur Rising the Swedes of Amon Amarth stick to their familiar sound, but they managed to deliver one hell of an album. Great stuff!

Written by Raymond Westland


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