Cephalic Carnage – Xenosapien

Xenosapien is the fifth studio album by these Dutch vegetable loving grinders from Denver, Colorado. They’re known for their amazing ability to mix influences from different genres within the confines of their sound and combine that with stellar musicianship. Let’s take a dive in the dazzling world of Cephalic Carnage and their Xenosapien album.

This album isn’t a major departure of what Cephalic Carnage have done on the previous album. Their trademark sound of complicated guitar riffs, twisted melody lines, odd time signatures and other technical wizardry is still very much intact. The band tried to write actual songs, instead of chaotic bursts of anger. Endless Cycle Of Violence, Divination & Volition and Heptarchy are clear examples of that.

There are still some grindcore orientated songs in the form of Molting, Touched By An Angel and Vaporized. They sound just more controlled and much more in tune with the rest of the material. G.lobal O.veraul D.evice shows a more doomy side of Cephalic Carnage. It also features some guest contributions by Bruce Lamont of Yakuza fame. The unmentioned hidden track at the end of the album is also a heavy doom metal inspired song.

Megacosm Of Aquaphobics and Ov Vicisstude are two other brilliant examples of the band’s ability to fuse their technical prowess with a keen sense of song writing. The Omega Point is the album’s resident jazz inspired track. Let Them Hate As They Fear is another scorching grindcore track in the vein of the aforementioned Molting and Vaporized.

As on Anomolies the production duties are expertly handled by Dave Otero. This time around the sound is still dry, but also a bit heavier. This gives Xenosapien a nice death metal edge.

It’s well established that the gents from Cephalic Carnage are highly skilled musicians. On Xenosapien they show their ability to write memorable times. Great album!

Written by Raymond Westland


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