Chimaira – Resurrection

Fresh blood in a long running band and a change in record labels can give the right kind of boost to make a great record. That’s certainly the case for Chimaira with former drummer Andols Herrick rejoining the fold and a welcome transition on the business side of things. Resurrection marks Mark Hunter and Co’s revisiting their familiar style during The Impossibility Of Reason days..

It has to be said that Chimaira sound fresh and energetic again on tracks like Pleasure In Pain, Worthless, Killing The Beast and the title track. Another remarkable change with the previous album is Andols Herrick’s loose and more progressive drumming style. This adds a lot of groove to the material and it gives other band members the chance to step up. The band’s resident electronics specialist Chris Spicuzza fills the void with layer upon layer of electronic effects and other studio magic. This gives Resurrection a very rich texture.

The more groove orientated approach becomes particularly clear as the album progresses towards the end. No Reason To Live, The Flame, Needle and Kingdom Of Heartache are clear examples of that. Resurrection feels more like a team effort. Everyone’s skills are more in balance, it’s all about the songs really. Rob Arnold’s guitar leads and solos are less prominent, but still deadly in effect when used. His leads on the title track and Six are great examples.

Sound wise there’s nothing to complain about, thanks to the capable hands of Jason Suecof and Andy Sneap. The clear and powerful production gives Resurrection the edge its material thrives on.

Resurrection is a great return to form of the band’s familiar style of old. I kind of miss the technical and complex nature of their previous records, but that’s compensated with the sheer energy and high level of song writing. Great album!

Written by Raymond Westland


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