TesseracT – One

Some months ago I did a review on the Concealing Fate EP by the UK progressive metal band TesseracT. At the time I was quite enthusiastic about it, so after hearing the news that they had a full blown album in the works I couldn’t wait to do a review on it. Here it is, finally. Their new album is simply called One, so let’s dive into the musical exploits of these British progsters.

If you’re familiar with the Concealing Fate EP, their new album won’t hold many surprises for you. The bulk of the album is made of various Concealing Fate parts, supplemented with some other songs. Meshuggah is still a prime influence on the massive dissonant guitar riffing, while the melodic parts remind me somewhat of Textures. A distinguishing feature is the funky bass lines in the vein of Primus.

The level of song writing is high and consistent on One. The band manage to combine their technical prowess with well structured songs. Lament, Nascent, Sunrise and the various Concealing Fate parts are clear proof of that. Singer Dan Tompkins is a gifted vocalist. His vocals fit the music perfectly. It’s just that his high notes remind me constantly of the singers from Coheed And Cambria and The Mars Volta. That emo influenced singing style isn’t really my thing.

Sound wise there’s nothing wrong with One. The production is clear, but heavy enough to support and enhance the metal component in their music.

One by TesseracT is a very mature release, especially for a debut album. I could do perfectly without the emo style vocals, but that’s a matter of taste. They’ve certainly managed to raise the bar for other Meshuggah influenced bands, like Textures and Xerath. Well done!

Written by Raymond Westland


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