Bloodiest – Descent

Some time ago I did an interview with Bruce Lamont of Yakuza and Circle Of Animals fame. He mentioned that his latest project/band, called Bloodiest, was about to release its debut album. Well, here it is under the guise of Descent. As is the case with many Bruce Lamont projects it’s highly original and thought provoking and you need to give it at least ten spins before the music starts to sink in…

Imagine a crossover of Neurosis’ more experimental moments and their trademark dark oppressive atmosphere and the droning/noise experiments of The Swans and you’ll get an idea of what Bloodiest have to offer. The album’s opening song Fallen gives me the idea of a man losing his sanity in a vast open desert. No, I’m not hallucinating, it’s just the power of the music giving me such lucid visions.

Coh is mainly driven by acoustic guitar with some Indian styled ritual chanting giving it a really enchanting feeling. This is also the case with Pastures, although this song ends in a more up-tempo rock fashion. Both songs could have been easily included on Feral Songs For The Epic Decline, Bruce Lamont’s solo album. Dead Inside and Slave Rule are the two highlights of this album. In essence both are drawn out experimental jams with tribal drums, acoustic guitars, fuzzy seventies styled guitar riffs and lots of weird effects and ditto vocals. Obituary comes closest to a song in the traditional sense of the word, but it’s still an experimental carnival like the rest of Bloodiest.

What I really like about Bloodiest is the effective use of contrasts between the harsher and softer parts in combination with the brooding atmosphere and its experimental edge. All these elements give this album a rich tapestry of sounds, dynamics and texture. The material is also focussed and cohesive, thus preventing Bloodiest from becoming aimless.

On Descent Bruce Lamont and Co managed to find the delicate balance between experimenting and writing cohesive song material. If you’re into experimental and avant-garde music this record is certainly worth checking out. Impressive!

Written by Raymond Westland


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