Trinacria – Travel Now Journey Infinitely

Everyone who’s kept track of Enslaved the last couple of years knows that its members aren’t afraid of experimenting a bit on the side. One of those projects is Trinacria, which features Ice Dale, Björson and Kjellson from Enslaved and two female vocalists from Fe-Mail. The result of their joint venture came in the form of Travel Now Journey Infinitely, which is quite a musical adventure in its own right. Let’s take a closer look.

The album starts with Turn Away, a nine minute track based on droning, almost doom like guitar riffs full of industrial metal influences and noise experiments. The ladies from Fe-Mail provide some nice moans and screams, adding a lot of angst to the track. It somewhat reminds me of Red Harvest and their Sick Transit Gloria Mundi album. It’s a great introduction to the mental asylum that is Travel Now Journey Infinitely.

The Silence exposes the black metal roots of the participating Enslaved members, but after a short while it gets drenched with noise elements, just to end in a song that resembles a lot of the proggy tendencies of Enslaved’s Ruun and Vertebrae albums. Make No Mistake is a relatively straightforward rock song with some massive noise elements.

Endless Roads continues the experimental path of Turn Away. It reminds me again of the paranoid and industrial atmosphere of the aforementioned Red Harvest. Breach is a weird soundscape, mainly based on guitar feedback and lots of psychedelics. The title track starts with some lovely angelic chanting by the ladies from Fe-Mail which bursts into a prog metal/black hybrid reminiscent of the later Enslaved material with a bit of experimental noise on the side.

It took me quite some time before I started to appreciate the original and rather unique character of this album. It’s weird, experimental and unorthodox. All the characteristics of a great avant-garde metal album are present on Travel Now Journey Infinitely. Definitely one of the more interesting releases from Norway in the past couple of years.

Written by Raymond Westland


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