Rotten Sound – Cursed

Finland is well known for its share of quality metal bands like Ghost Brigade, Insomnium, Barren Earth and one of the major bands in metal today, whose name I don’t want to mention. Rotten Sound is also from Finland, however they’re active in the grindcore scene. Cursed is the name of their latest album…

On Cursed the band continue with their trademark sound based on old Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror and a bit of Nasum for good measure. What sets Rotten Sound apart is their ability to write well structured compositions and the fact that they’re not afraid to utilise some death metal influences here and there.

Their intentions become perfectly clear with the first few seconds of Alone. It’s first class grind/death brought with razor sharp precision. Tracks like Superior, Choose, Plan, Declare and Addict are solid examples. Despite the usual blastbeats Rotten Sound has incorporated some mid tempo parts and the occasional guitar solo to keep things interesting.

Rotten Sound isn’t trying to reinvent the proverbial grindcore wheel on Cursed. They stick to the familiar formula, but why fix things when they’re not broken? Their strength lies in writing interesting tracks with some memorable guitar riffs delivered with deadly accuracy. The heavy and gritty sound of Cursed gives the material the additional punch it needs.

Cursed by Rotten Sound is a thoroughly enjoyable album with some intelligent grindcore on it. It’s not particularly innovative, but it simply doesn’t need to be. Good stuff!

Written by Raymond Westland


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