Red Fang – Murder The Mountains

Retro never gets out of style, as the saying goes. Apparently it’s fashionable again to play dirty seventies inspired heavy rock. The recent success of Valiant Thorr and Kvelertak is based on that revival. Portland based Red Fang try to get their piece of the action with their latest album, entitled Murder The Mountains. Let’s take a closer look.

I have to admit that Red Fang know how to write a bundle of memorable songs. The material is as straightforward as is gets, but it’s their bluesy and dirty edge that keeps me interested. Tracks like Malverde, Wires, Hank Is Dead, Painted Parade and Number Thirteen are good examples of what the band is capable of.

Throw Up, The Undertow and Human Herd show a more experimental side of the band with some nifty psychedelic effects. It’s not all gold that glitters on Murder The Mountains though. Despite Red Fang’s ability to write memorable tunes I constantly get the feeling I’m listening to a rawer and dirtier version of Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age , but without their keen sense of originality. I know that being original isn’t the most important thing in this sector of music, but still.

Murder The Mountains is mixed by Vance Powell of Raconteurs, White Stripes and Kings Of Leon fame. The dry and unpolished production adds to the vintage and live feel of this record.

If you’re into straightforward heavy rock and you don’t care much about originality, then Red Fang should be able to satisfy your needs. Murder The Mountains is a solid and enjoyable affair, but it’s not an album I will play often.

Written by Raymond Westland


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