Limbonic Art – Phantasmagoria

In the past the creative core of Limbonic Art was formed by Daemon and Morfeus. This resulted in a couple of blazing albums in the shape of Moon In The Scorpio (1996), Ad Noctum – Dynasty Of Death (1999) and The Ultimate Death Worship (2002). Limbonic Art folded back in 2003, but was brought back to life again with The Legacy Of Evil (2007) as a result. Tension remained and subsequently Morfeus left the band. Daemon is since the sole member of Limbonic Art. Let’s see how all this shaped Phantasmagoria, the band’s latest record.

The symphonic element was always an important part of the general Limbonic Art sound, certainly on their past albums. Apparently the symphonic parts left with the departure of Morpheus, because Phantasmagoria is mainly a guitar oriented album. The keyboard parts that have remained play mostly a supporting role and enhance the grim and harsh atmosphere.

Phantasmagoria is stripped down in approach. This is reflected in the straightforward programmed computer drums, the rather basic songs and ditto arrangements. What has remained are the frostbitten screams and shrieks by Daemon, the massive guitar riffs and intelligent compositions. Songs like Crypt Of Bereavement, Curse Of The Necromancer, A World In Pandemonium and Prophetic Dreams are shining examples of that.

Phantasmagoria is blessed with a rough, yet crisp sound. This enhances the overall frostbitten feel of the record, but also keeps the instruments used clearly audible.

Daemon is still capable of writing some stirring music on his own. I don’t lament the absence of Morfeus. Limbonic Art is still alive and kicking. Phantasmagoria is clear proof of that!

Written by Raymond Westland


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