Blood Of Kingu – Sun In The House Of The Scorpion

Blood Of Kingu is one of the projects/bands of Roman Saenko. He’s also active in Drudkh. I’m quite familiar with black metal from Norway and France, but I didn’t know there was also such a thing as a Ukrainian black metal scene. Blood Of Kingu turns out to be a great starting point with their excellent Sun In The House Of The Scorpion album.

The musical basis of Sun In The House Of The Scorpion is pure black metal. It has the typical aesthetics in terms of atmosphere, guitar sound and relentless blastbeats. What makes Blood Of Kingu special are there own nifty twists to the familiar formula. All kinds of ethnic percussion instruments are used, which gives this album quite a distinct sound. In that regard Blood Of Kingu have more in common with bands like Melechesh and Rotting Christ, than with archetypical Norwegian black metal bands like Darkthrone, Immortal or Satyricon.

Other twists are the growls and grunts used by Roman Saenko and his typical guitar riffs, which create a certain hypnotic effect. This is effectively demonstrated in compositions like Those That Wonder Amidst The Stars, Guardians Of Gateways To Outer  Void and Morbid Dreams Bringing Madness. The intelligent and adventurous arrangements are another striking feature of Sun In The House Of The Scorpion.

Sound wise the album has a warm and clear production, certainly by black metal standards. It maintains a certain rough edge though, thus making clear that Blood Of Kingu is all about extreme metal.

With just under 37 minutes worth of music Sun In The House Of The Scorpion is a rather short album, but it’s long enough for my taste. This is because of the sheer intensity of the music. This release by Blood Of Kingu is a great example of what can be achieved when one finds the right balance between intensity, the right kind of atmosphere and intelligent song writing. Impressive!

Written by Raymond


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