Dornenreich – Flammentriebe

Dornenreich are an Austrian black metal outfit who aren’t afraid to expend their sound in uncharted waters. Through the years they’ve meddled with ambient, folk and they even released an entirely acoustic folk based album under the guise of In Luft Geritzt. This year marks the return of this eclectic band with a brand new album, entitled Flammentriebe.

This latest album marks the return to their black metal roots of old, but with a twist or two of their own. The folk influences of their later work are still very much present. Especially the massive use of violins makes Flammentriebe a highly original folk/black metal hybrid. The use of acoustic guitars in Wolfpus, Wandel Geschehe and In Allen Weben gives this album a very specific atmosphere.

The vocal performance is another dominant feature on this album. Whispers, shrieks and spoken word parts, everything is used to create a very memorable listening experience. The build up of many compositions is as adventurous and uncompromising as they come. This is especially highlighted by tracks like Flammenmensch, Der Wunde Trieb, Tief Im Land and Erst Deine Träne Löscht Den Brand.

Sound wise Flammentriebe has a very clear and almost acoustic kind of production. Especially the acoustic elements benefit greatly from this.

Flammentriebe is a highly original release in the endless sea of folk metal releases. If you’re looking for something genuinely moving and totally authentic, this is the record to go for.

Written by Raymond Westland


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