Nevermore – This Godless Endeavor

Enemies Of Reality by Nevermore is somewhat saved by the remixing skills of Andy Sneap, but it’s by no means the band’s strongest release in their career. Nevermore had to prove themselves once again, when they released This Godless Endeavor. That album certainly made quite an impression on me at the time.

This Godless Endeavor starts in full fury with Born, Final Product and My Acid Words. These songs are among the best Nevermore has ever written. The relentless drive and passion makes these instant classics. Jeff Loomis shows why he’s counted among the best guitarists in metal today and Warrel Dane is back with some very fine vocals and a whole range of dark lyrics.

Another fine addition is the presence of Steve Smyth (Vicious Rumors, Testament) on second guitar. His style of playing and his writing capabilities fit perfectly within the Nevermore sound. He’s responsible for Bittersweet Feast, Sell My Heart For Stones and A Future Uncertain. Especially the first composition is one of the highlights of This Godless Endeavor.

Sadly the album loses momentum after Sentient 6. Songs like Medicated Nation, The Psalm Of Lydia and Sell My Heart For Stones are still impressive, but they lack the edge of Born or My Acid Words for instance. The album’s grand finale is its title track, a ten minute composition which can be viewed as a summary of what This Godless Endeavor has to offer.

Once again Andy Sneap is responsible for the great and powerful production of this record. It’s a breeze of fresh air compared to the muddy sound of its predecessor.

This Godless Endeavor is one of Nevermore’s best efforts to date. It may not be as cohesive as The Politics Of Ecstasy or Dead Heart In A Dead World, but it does contain some of the very best songs Jeff Loomis and Co have ever written.

Written by Raymond Westland


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