Return To Earth – Automata

Return To Earth are a band founded by former The Dillinger Escape Plan and current Coheed And Cambria drummer Chris Pennie. Recently the band released their second album, entitled Automata. Let’s take a closer look.

On Automata Chris Pennie and Co show their profound love for the industrial endeavours of Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails, the eclectic musical approach of Faith No More and the inherent AHHD inspired madness from The Dillinger Escape Plan. Although Return To Earth doesn’t come close to the intensity of Calculating Infinity or Miss Machine the influences of Chris Pennie’s former band are undeniably present.

Automata has a very song based angle. Most tracks are below the five minute mark and So Close, Snackface and Night Of Exploding Razors are actually radio friendly. The latter song even has a Deftones typed vibe around it. This is also the case with The Replicas. The intensity of You Will Be Replaced, The Edge Of Forever, Exit Wound and The Altercation Of Men counter this and give this record a raw edge. Back Of My Hand and The Dots Do Not Connect gives Automata its distinct industrial feeling.

Production wise there’s nothing to complain about Automata. The album has a clear and direct sound, giving it an almost punk rock feel.

Automata by Return To  Earth is a very enjoyable mash-up of Nine Inch Nails, Faith No More and a few hints of The Dillinger Escape Plan encapsulated in well written songs. Recommended!

Written by Raymond Westland


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